Prototyping and testing

Prototyping and testing


Prototype construction

Protoype Construction


Pironex GmbH produces prototypes as well as A-, B-, and C-samples in a very short time in order to get a first overall impression of the device. For this purpose, we use our own production resources and proven suppliers. Functional device samples are built in the shortest possible time. 




The SMD and THT prototypes are assembled either manually or automatically. For a smooth production we source the components from various distributions and catalogue suppliers.
Thanks to our flexible suppliers, we can produce sample boards and assemble these with THT within a few days.

3D Construction

3D Konstruktion


Regardless of whether standard housings or customer-specific housings are used, all plugs and connections on the PCB have to be adapted.

The PCB shape is designed with assistance of the 3D design sofware Solid Works and the PCB tool Altium Designer that interact flawlessly

Customer-specific housings are optimized in terms of production costs and manufacturability. If required, mechanical construction can be performed to integrate your electronic assemblies into any installation environment. We primarily work with the 3D CAD system Solid-Works to achieve this.


Testing Equipment



We develop devices and software for the functional test and the EOL test at the manufacturer. The more complex the developed device, the bigger the functional range of the test equipment.

The test development refers to many test procedures:

  • Programming of the module controllers
  • Parameterization of the system components
  • Assembly test with needle adapter
  • Interface test with external test adapter
  • Boundary-scan test

Thanks to our EMC tests accompanying the development, we can recognize and eliminate weaknesses in the design before you unnecessary costs and delays in the development cycle incur.

We test in advance in the laboratory or in our external test laboratory, for example:

  • Burst Testing of immunity to fast transient electrical disturbances
  • Conducted interference emission
  • Testing of immunity to static electricity discharge
  • Surge Test of interference immunity against surge voltages
  • Conducted disturbances induced by HF fields
  • Testing of interference immunity against voltage drops, short-term interruptions and voltage fluctuations
  • Housing interference emission